I love makeup. I love working with women. I love the artistry of makeup and the way it leaves a woman feeling as beautiful as I know she was created to be. To see how the spirit of a woman is lifted when they first see themselves in a mirror, how they carry themselves after our session together is one of the things I have cherished most about being a professional makeup artist. Having the honor of being trained by a world-renowned artist and having worked as a makeup artist over the last fifteen plus years, the thing I have learned most is that the artistry of makeup isn't found in colors or palettes, but in women themselves. They are unique, elegant, a created masterpiece of art, Makeup doesn't define, but enhances the beauty that exists in each of them. I consider it a privilage to work with women to help them look and feel as beautiful as they are for those big and small moments in their lives -- moments that become memories.